3 Ways Working with a Nationally-Approved AMC Benefits You.

Working with a trusted, regional AMC with the capabilities of a national service can help make your appraisal management process more efficient and effective. A key factor in finding the right AMC is whether it is nationally approved by wholesalers.

  1. Whether you’re a wholesaler, retailer or correspondent, regional AMCs can provide appraisals without the hassles of a national service. For example, at Janus, we do not load the appraisal process with arbitrary requirements, including due dates, turn time demands or requirements for certified or licensed appraisers.
  2. Nationally-approved regional AMCs generally have shorter appraisal turnaround times. At Janus, for example, we’re one of the few nationally approved regional AMCs, and our turnaround times are significantly shorter than those of national AMCs, who can add days or weeks to your process.
  3. With regional AMCs you’ll not only work with a knowledgeable, diligent team, but you’ll benefit from accessibility and personal service that you won’t find in a larger AMC. When you work with Janus, you’ll see that we offer more personal attention than any national AMC. We give appraisers our personal cell numbers and maintain an open door policy so we can be reached at a moment’s notice.

When doing your research to find the right AMC, consider all of your options by looking for a local service that not only offers the same extensive capabilities as a national AMC, but quality service and personal attention as well.

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