At Janus, we diligently seek out the most recent regulations and adjust our processes accordingly, so we’re an appraisal management company you can rely on to keep you compliant. With our knowledgeable team, vast network of appraisers and streamlined technology, we work with a sense of urgency and dedication to efficiently manage your appraisal process while following the rules set forth by OCC, CFPB, Dodd-Frank and all GSEs.

Our Process Defined.

  • Completely manage your appraisal process
  • Serve as the mandatory firewall between your production and appraisers
  • Document and log all appraisal orders for audit purposes
  • Verify licenses, E&O, and state, national, and lender registries
  • Provide an automated quality control check for each appraisal before it goes to processors or underwriters
  • Provide mandatory file level documentation of every request, discussion and communication between staff and appraisers
  • Automatically invoice your vendor payables
  • Provide all logs, tracking and management tools

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