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Tech Tools | Harnessing Automation for Increased Appraisal Efficiency

Many appraisers have a deep-seated anxiety when it comes to technology. For years, the general industry consensus was that computers and artificial intelligence would eventually take over and make appraisers obsolete. However, like most industry shifts, the move to automate and streamline has played out as an evolution rather than a snap change. In addition Read More

Embracing Innovation | How Technology Can Make Appraisers More Efficient

As technology continues to improve and automation is on the rise, anxiety among appraisers has reached a fever pitch. While artificial intelligence and predictive software have made the appraisal process increasingly easier, many appraisers are wary of being worked out of a job by a computer crunching numbers. Adding to fears, Fannie Mae and Freddie Read More

Cybersecurity Advice for Lenders | Simple Tips for Increased Protection

In our last blog post, we discussed an alarming new trend of phishing scams plaguing the mortgage industry. Attackers pose as mortgage agents and send borrowers new wiring instructions via email. Borrowers are at risk of losing money and having their personal information stolen. Lenders are at risk of losing the confidence of borrowers. While Read More

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