Experience the Janus Difference.

Many homeowners are frustrated by the appraisal process when buying or selling a home. Not only is the process complicated, but it is one of the top causes of stalls in the closing process. As an appraiser-owned and staffed AMC, we understand that many factors, including workload and complexity, can hold up the process, and we work with our appraisers to handle those issues when they arise. In the event that there is a complex or unusual appraisal circumstance requiring more time or additional fees, we will inform the lender and negotiate the request on our appraiser’s behalf. Not only that, but we actually run interference and pre-screen underwriting requests to keep our appraisers from having to provide unnecessary responses and time-consuming explanations for things that we can anticipate in advance. And while we don’t use turn times as a metric of success, we work with our appraisers to create a timeline that is mutually beneficial, and we’ve found that faster turn times result from that process. The bottom line is that because we come from appraisal backgrounds, we understand and respect the appraisal process and requirements. When appraisers work with us, they see that we offer more experience, expertise and personal attention than any national AMC. That’s the Janus difference.

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