It’s easier to prevent appraisal compliance errors before your audit than to pay the fines and restructure your process after failing it. When you partner with Janus, you take a proactive approach to appraisal management. Our solutions help maintain appraisal compliance, reduce overhead and mitigate risk while simultaneously simplifying the appraisal process as a whole. With a proven track record for unparalleled service as an appraisal management company, our proprietary Appraisal Logic system streamlines and strengthens your appraisal process, which is why the largest mortgage originators in the country prefer it.

Appraisal Logic Service Plans.

We offer two service plans designed to fit your unique needs and help you maintain appraisal compliance. Please contact us for additional information and opportunities for complete customization.

Complete Plan

This plan is a turnkey solution to your needs.

  • HVCC ordering compliance
  • Appraiser management
  • Online ordering and delivery
  • Automated quality control
  • File level communication records
  • HVCC compliance checks
  • Appraiser payroll services
  • Archiving for audit purposes
  • UCDP uploads (SSR forms)

Value Plan

This plan is ideal to assist appraisal desks and ensure compliance with FNMA’s digital LQ I appraisal delivery standards.

  • Ordering, tracking and monitoring
  • UMDP digital appraisal delivery
  • Reduced overhead through software, personnel and integrated efficiencies
  • Reduced value pricing

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