Janus Offers a Better Appraiser Experience

As an appraiser-owned and staffed AMC, we understand the language and industry standards, as well as the common frustrations that go along with working with large, national companies. As a result, we have worked hard to cultivate an appraiser-friendly experience. We offer a transparent, streamlined process that promotes a positive working relationship with our appraisers and quality work for our clients.

First, we do not load the process with arbitrary due dates, turn time demands or superfluous requirements, including requirements for certified or licensed appraisers. Instead, we prefer to work together to agree on due dates and timelines that work for everyone, and only relay requests and requirements from the lender, with whom you are already familiar.

Further, we actually run interference by pre-screening underwriting requests to eliminate the need for our appraisers to respond to simple questions that we can anticipate in advance. If changes or corrections are needed, we simply ask that you make them in the same timely fashion you would for any of your select clients.

Because of our experience in the industry, we understand that appraisal bidding is bad for appraisers and for clients, so we do not bid appraisals or “shop” fees. We simply pay our appraisers the full fee agreed upon by the lender. In the event that there is a complex or unusual appraisal circumstance and more time or additional fees are needed, we will go to the lender on your behalf to inform them of the request and negotiate that for you. Additionally, we typically pay within 14 days and never more than 30.

Finally, we offer more personal attention than any national AMC. We give appraisers our personal cell numbers and offer an open door policy so we can be reached at a moment’s notice. The bottom line is that there is a difference. For more, have a look at our Appraisers page.

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