Housing Market Trends | Housing Price Gains Increase and National Rent Reaches New High

Home prices and national rent increases accelerated through May and June to two to three times the rate of inflation, according to the S&P Dow Jones Indices. House prices rose an average 6.4 percent across the nation, with the West Coast experiencing the highest gains, reaching double digits in certain regions. Although Seattle, Las Vegas Read More

Low Supply and High Demand for Residential Real Estate | Why Housing Starts are Decreasing

Simple laws of supply and demand predict that housing starts, the number of housing construction projects beginning, will increase as housing demand and prices rise, but that’s not what’s happening. The US Census Bureau reported that privately owned housing starts in June decreased 12.3 percent from May and 4.2 percent from the annual rate in Read More

Improving the Home Appraisal Process | Advice to Give Home Buyers and Sellers

Home buyers and sellers can close faster with a little preparation. Here is some advice to help them understand how they benefit from an appraisal and the steps they can take to expedite the process. Inform home sellers to: Be flexible and make the appraiser’s schedule a priority. Appraisers often schedule on a first come Read More

Portents for the Housing Market | Baby Boomer Exodus Looms

The baby boomer generation includes 40 percent of US homeowners who occupy 32 million homes, according to a report by Fannie Mae. But that number is changing. Between 2009 and 2015, there was a 28 percent increase of homeowners ages 55 and older who are leaving the housing market to rent instead. The report notes Read More

Seeing Green | Appraisal Institute Offers Help for Appraisers on Sustainability Features

For years an important consideration in commercial construction, the trend toward greater energy efficiency and sustainability in residential buildings has recently gained momentum, as home buyers increasingly look to save energy costs and, in some cases, reduce their carbon footprint. Most people are familiar with Energy Star appliances, but newer innovations like smart home technology Read More

Is Your Local Real Estate Market Heating Up? | The Top Three Ways to Tell are Revealed

Although there is a list of up-and-coming real estate markets around the nation, how can you tell if your own community is beginning to boom? A recent Forbes article explains that understanding the market you live in is important when it comes to real estate investment or selling decisions. There are multiple indicators that can Read More

Technology Continues to Disrupt Home Lending | Latest Trends Streamlining Mortgage Process

Accustomed to the ease and convenience that technology has brought to shopping, banking and other aspects of their lives, consumers are increasingly demanding a better experience when it comes to purchasing a home, and more specifically, obtaining a home mortgage. Companies have been stepping up to meet the challenge of streamlining and improving the process Read More

Mortgage Application Volume Soars | Second Highest Amount of the Year

The Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) reported the volume of mortgage applications increased. The Market Composite Index surged 5.1 percent during the week of June 15, leading to the largest increase in total mortgage volume since January 5 of this year. The adjusted volume was up 3 percent. The MBA reported applications for refinancing and home Read More

No-Appraisal Home Loan | Is it Worth the Risk?

Home appraisals serve many purposes from determining the market value of a house to adjusting the borrowing limit as part of a mortgage loan. Although this step can be stressful for buyers and sellers alike, it is crucial. A recent article, Is a no-appraisal home loan too good to be true? explains that while no-appraisal Read More

Cryptocurrency | Can this Digital Currency Change the Real Estate Industry?

Most people have heard of bitcoin, a type of digital currency that is secured by encryption. Also known as cryptocurrency, these digital funds are more than just an investment—they can be used to make purchases like the physical money in your wallet. A recent HousingWire article explains, “As the cryptocurrency craze shows no sign of Read More

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