Spring, and Change, is in the Air

With spring comes new beginnings and changes—and that is exactly what the appraisal management world is beginning to witness. Due to the 2016 elections, there will most likely be a move toward a loosening of regulations, since the current Congress and POTUS favor a less constrictive federal government when it comes to business.

This is reflected in one of the most recent updates to the Fannie Mae Selling Guide Announcement, which became effective January 31 of this year. As part of the January update, appraisers in training are now allowed to conduct property inspections without being accompanied by a supervisor. This reverses a longstanding regulation. This change, though small, signals a shift in direction regarding regulations and rules for appraisals. And as the 115th Congress has convened, more change appears likely. No matter what happens, 2017 is sure to be an interesting year for AMCs.

This recent change, and those expected to come, will affect appraisers and lenders alike. That’s why Janus understands that staying up-to-date on current events and policies helps us better serve our clients. By following changes closely, we ensure that no matter what is happening on a state, federal or private level, we remain fully compliant. Furthermore, our quality control department reviews and approves each of our appraiser’s work before submitting a report. So no matter what changes come our way this spring and beyond, you can place your trust in Janus.

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