Our commitment to federal standards, streamlined appraisals and customer satisfaction has established Janus as a leader in the industry. By reducing costs, manual tasks and turn-around time, we provide the most efficient and compliant appraisal management services, while staying true to our mission of exceptional customer service.

  • To my fellow appraisers — Janus is a good AMC to do appraisal work for. I highly recommend.Appraiser
  • I noticed business has been kind of slow this month and wanted to reach out. As my family continues to rebuild our home after losing it in Hurricane Harvey, any extra business you can send my way is greatly appreciated. Your company’s support has been hugely helpful during this difficult time. Thank you.Appraiser
  • You guys are great! Having the ability to discuss things with our account manager bring an advantage in doing business. Thank you for your continued partnership.Loan Officer
  • We are grateful to Janus for keeping in touch with us through Hurricane Harvey, and we appreciate the proactive approach as the full impact is still not known. Thanks also for your patience—to call our current resources a skeleton crew is a bit of a stretch, but we’re hanging in there and we’re glad to have the support of Janus AMC.”Mortgage Fulfillment Manager
  • You are awesome! I am really a huge fan of Janus AMC!Senior Loan Officer
  • Very easy to use and friendly web site!Loan Coordinator
  • I LOVE JANUS! My clients LOVE JANUS! I have known one of the owners for 15 years, the operations manager, Nicole, for four or five years and the rep for three. They are amazing. If I ever need to get involved with a client’s order, their staff is on top of it. If I need something escalated, Nicole is on the spot resolving the issue. Highly recommend them. They are the perfect partner.Account Executive
  • It looks like we have business building, so I want to be prepared. I appreciate the extra recruiting efforts. I have asked the area sales manager to have his team request Janus for these orders. You were the first to respond and you have delivered a better turn time. Quite frankly, you’re my favorite Texas AMC. We really appreciate the support you give us!Appraisal Procurement Operations Manager
  • I am grateful to have you as a partner. You guys rock.Branch Manager
  • As a loan officer, I chose Janus because of their quick turnaround time and competent reports. I can always trust them to send out qualified, confident appraisers. I’ve never been as happy with an AMC as I have been with Janus. I would highly recommend their services.Loan Officer
  • I’ve been working with Janus since I moved to Houston over a year ago. I’ve dealt with other appraisal management companies in the past, and Janus sets the bar. They deliver appraisals well within their set timeframe and have a streamlined process that includes sending frequent automatic updates as soon as the order is placed. To say the least, Janus is a breath of fresh air when it comes to all of the crazy ups and downs in the mortgage industry, and I would recommend them to anyone.Residential Mortgage Loan Originator
  • Janus, you are truly awesome!Senior Mortgage Lender
  • Cost-plus is a great plan — your company is refreshing. All other AMCs I deal with squeeze the appraiser fee as low as possible to capture all of the remaining fee they can, but you all take care of your appraisers.Appraiser
  • Thank you guys for all you do for us. I appreciate being able to reach out and quickly get responses, explanations and help. You guys rock!Operations Manager
  • I’ve been in the mortgage business for 19 years, and Janus is the best AMC I have ever worked with. From customer service to professionalism to how they operate on an everyday basis, I have truly enjoyed working with them over the years, and I look forward to working with them for the rest of my career.Executive Vice President
  • I have worked with Nicole Bookout and her Janus team for almost three years now. They are extremely professional and have always honored my timelines. In today’s world of customer service, most companies fall short in this area, but Janus does not.Branch Manager
  • Thanks for taking care of me. You guys are the best!Executive Vice President

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